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Commercial Cleaning Services

Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire

KeptKleen offers a full range of cleaning services to the commercial sector. We offer ‘one off’ cleans for businesses or a regular clean to keep your premises looking at their best both inside and out.

We offer a range of commercial cleaning services for offices, shops and factories. See below for more details.

Floor Cleaning

We clean all types of hard flooring and carpets. In any areas that your clients are visiting, it’s essential to present a clean and sparkling environment, especially in retail shops and food areas.

A factory floor needs to be kept clean of any chemicals and grease to ensure your staff have a safe place in which to work.

Hard floors are mopped or scrubbed as necessary and even polished to a high finish if required. Carpets are vacuumed with a high powered cleaner removing all traces of dust and loose dirt. If carpets are in need of a deep clean, we can shampoo your carpets to bring life back into them.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows are one of the first things about your premises a visitor will take notice of. Whether they are office windows or a shop display, it is equally important to present a clean and sparkling face to the world. The frequency of the clean will depend on where your office or shop is located, e.g. more frequently on a busy road due to traffic fumes.

Our professional window cleaning services can be carried out at ground level and first-floor level but not for high rise buildings. All windows are wet washed and dried ensuring the best possible finish.

Grafitti Removal

As much as urban art is fashionable and popular, you really don’t need it down the side of your premises, it completely gives the wrong impression to any visitors.

Our high powered jet washers and fully trained staff can remove the majority of graffiti, leaving you with clean surfaces as you originally intended them to be. Each case of graffiti removal is different due to what paints have been used on what surface, if we believe that your walls would benefit from our cleaning services followed by re-painting, we will advise you before carrying out any work.

Litter Picking

If your premises are plagued by litter, no problem, we can visit your business as often as is required to pick any amount of litter.

Your carparks, pathways and foyers will be left clean and tidy ready to receive visitors.

Our Services

Our comprehensive cleaning services to the commercial sector can be provided on an ‘ad hoc’ basis as required or we can arrange a regular ‘contract’ visit to ensure your premises are always looking their best.

We can carry out any indoor or outdoor cleaning services as requested. Our professional team of well trained staff are polite and courteous and only used approved chemicals in the cleaning process. Any equipment we use such as vacuums or power washers are the best quality industrial machines which ensure that we deliver the best job possible in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We provide essential cleaning services to commercial clients, local authorities and domestic customers

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Thank you to the Kept Kleen Team for your very professional services. Our premises, both public areas and staff areas are kept spotlessly clean, providing a good working environment for our staff.

AIM Commercial Services LTD

Here at Off Limits, we organise high quality events for our clients so it is essential our premises make a great first impression. Trusting our cleaning services to Kept Kleen ensures our offices are in pristine condition for any visitors.

Managing Director, Off Limits Event Professionals